Celebrating 10 Years: A Time for Reflection…and Projection

Milestones present us with natural opportunities for reflection. At Expedition Technology (EXP), we’ve just reached one – our 10th anniversary in business. This achievement simply would not have happened were it not for a special group of EXP team members who played a lead role in executing our founders’ vision and consistently bringing success to our customers and our company. We don’t take getting here for granted, because most startups don’t. We’re fortunate to have leapt that big step from startup to well-established business. 

Rather than spending too much time using this occasion to review our accomplishments, we prefer to look ahead at the next steps in our corporate journey. After all, we didn’t just survive that first decade. Instead, we are accelerating, thanks to the rock-solid foundation our team laid over those years that positioned us for rapid growth. And we are well prepared for that growth, with a reputation for excellence in the defense and intelligence communities, a tested and proven methodology for how we run our business, and even a recently expanded headquarters facility that doubles our footprint to accommodate the new team members we will hire in the months and years to come. 

As we enter our second decade at EXP, we recognize some things will change. We will pursue, win, and lead customer engagements of increasing size and scope. We will adapt to and embrace evolving and emerging technologies, much as we have to date with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and modern software design. And we will explore new markets and opportunities that align with our expertise and a clear vision for automated, operator-centric multi-domain intelligence and analysis tools. 

That said, much will remain the same at EXP. What does that mean? First and foremost, we will stay true to our culture, from our team-oriented organization to our research-based, Agile product development approach, and our core values of collaboration, flexibility, learning, autonomy, and support. We will keep bringing the best and brightest people on board into an environment that empowers them to succeed professionally and personally. And we will continue placing our customers first and being responsive to their needs, not ours. 

In other words, we intend to keep on doing what we’ve been doing, because it’s working. Yes, 10 years offers a logical moment for reflection, but truthfully, we constantly assess ourselves for what’s going well, what isn’t, and lessons learned we can incorporate into our business moving forward. We’ve enjoyed a great ride thus far, but we fervently believe EXP’s best days lie before us. We hope you will come join us as we continue our expedition.