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While we are more than just numbers, we are happy to boast about these.

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Communities We Impact

Who We Work With

Department of Defense

Our work with advanced sensor processing systems and cutting-edge AI/ML capabilities helps DoD users improve situational awareness and swiftly react in dynamic environments.

Intelligence Community

EXP applies AI/ML to enable IC users and systems to rapidly process data and assess threats to national security.

Commercial Industry

EXP partners with companies to develop advanced commercial products and services in use by the Defense and Intelligence sector.

Our work

Expedition is researching and developing new solutions

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we are cross-domain experts

Explore Our Skills

Signal Processing

Combining traditional signal processing and machine learning algorithms to process gigasamples of data at the edge and in the cloud

Computer Vision

Detecting and tracking real-world objects for a variety of sensing modalities, even for missions with scarce training data

Deep Learning

Researching and deploying novel networks to tackle real-time challenges with raw sensor data

Web Development

Providing user-friendly interfaces for complex data visualization and machine learning solutions

Cloud and DevOps

Building robust solutions using tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Formation with a focus on continuous deployment, automation, and security

Embedded Systems

Implementing embedded subsystems of FPGAs and GPUs to gather, classify, and build our understanding of image and signal data

The Tech Stack that Empowers Us

Our Methodoligies

Each project requires a unique approach

We understand each project has a unique time frame and requirements; our approach must adjust to meet them.

Agile Planning

Our agile planning process promotes flexibility and revisiting long-term plans to validate priorities.

Product Oriented

We don't just prove a solution exists; we see our ideas through to actualized products.

Team of Teams

Rather than traditional hierarchies, we operate as a constellation of teams that come together around specific goals.

Research Based

We actively perform applied research to advance the state of the art and distance ourselves from our competition.

each voice contributes to our work culture

Our Team's Perspective

"If I write new code without tests, I'm saying that it's okay if it breaks in the future. In some contexts this is appropriate, other times it's not."

Cheryl Danner Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"When solving a problem, embrace the struggle, step back from it, and examine it from all sides. The big payoff is not the solution, it is the insight and intuition gained, technical growth, and preparation for even bigger challenges."

Mark Wallace Principal Embedded Systems Engineer

"Don't overlook the importance of re-evaluating past work. The process of reviewing your teammate's old, terrible code will be quite frustrating until you realize it was your code."

Kenny Diogo Full-Stack Developer

"Good experiment design, validation, and analysis are the stepping stones for effective deployable systems."

Camila Ramirez Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"Selecting the right tools and abstractions for a customer's problem leads to robust, maintainable software while allowing us to focus on security, automation, and innovation."

Surry Shome Senior Backend Engineer

"Like Voltaire said, 'Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Done is better than perfect.'"

Greg Harrison Chief Technology Officer

If you are a little unsure of yourself when solving a novel problem, yet confident, knowing you've done it before - that's when innovation is happening! Embracing that creative tension, tempered with the discipline of the scientific method, will see you through the most difficult challenges.

Chris Bogart Principal Machine Learning Engineer
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