Expedition Expands!

Thanks to the dedication and consistent excellence of our fantastic team, Expedition Technology (EXP) continues to rapidly expand. Last summer, we recognized we soon would outgrow our current facilities, so we signed a lease amendment doubling our footprint from 25 thousand to more than 26 thousand feet2.

At the time, we expected work to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2023. But as anyone who’s ever remodeled or built an addition knows all too well, the process, while exciting, rarely sticks to schedule. Now, a year after our commitment and a few months later than planned, EXP can finally call the new space home.

We can’t blame the supply chain or permitting for all the delay, however, because ours was no ordinary office construction project. We designed the area with our culture and core values, including flexibility and collaboration, in mind. And that drove the creation of some pretty special features.

Playing off the land and air expedition themes found in our existing facilities, the new space boasts a sea expedition theme, with the Pacific Ocean as its centerpiece. From color schemes and décor to the names of conference rooms and even a water element, everything ties together to produce the most comfortable environment for productive work.

Aesthetics aside, the expansion meets our current and future practical needs as well. It includes new huddle rooms, private areas, open collaboration hubs, electronics integration and software labs, secure facilities, and an active workroom with stand desks attached to treadmills and bikes. There’s something for everyone – no matter how you like to work, we’ve got you covered. We invite you to come check it out!

The new and improved EXP office accommodates up to 170 personnel. That said, we are growing faster than ever, so we might need to do this all over again in a couple of years. We hope you’ll be along for the ride.

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