About Us

About us

Our Teams Define Us

Expedition Technology is team-centric. Our teams empower us to explore novel technology and deliver solutions with national impact.

As teams, we design, develop, and deliver innovative, advanced signal, image, and multi-INT solutions for the defense and intelligence communities and leverage advanced algorithms, platforms, and technologies to solve our customers’ most complex, demanding, and urgent C4ISR challenges.

Industries We Impact

The beliefs we embrace

Our Value System


We solve complex problems with engaged, open-minded, diverse teams working together towards common goals.


We adapt to risk and uncertainty by encouraging creativity and opposing viewpoints.


We seize initiative and welcome responsibility to create a resilient and innovative culture.


We trust, encourage, and invest in one another to realize our potential.


We grow through intellectual curiosity, relentlessly exploring frontiers, and embracing lessons from failures.

A Continuing Expedition

Past and Future Plans

From our first days as a company in 2013, we strategized about how we would grow, scale, and evolve as a company.

Our skills, capabilities, and expertise are in high demand, and world events remind us of the critically important role we play in preserving our nation’s safety.

Employee Benefits

Live your best life

Our employees are provided flexibility to choose the benefits that best support them in leading happy, healthy, well-balanced lives. 

Benefit Plans

We offer comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans as well as an HSA and robust voluntary benefits.

Plan Ahead

EXP provides up to 12% to a 401(k) and student loan repayment plans.

Parental Leave

We provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave for primary care-givers; 2 weeks of leave for secondary care-givers.

Continual Learning

Grow through mentorship, software and research brown bag discussions, tuition assistance, and conferences.

Flexible Cash PTO

Either cash out your PTO or take off up to 45 days any calendar year.

Community Service

EXP includes options for donation matching and contributing to charities that you volunteer with.

Employee Testimonials

Experiences at Expedition

"It almost immediately became clear that these were people who loved science, technology, engineering, and math and that I could learn a lot here. "

Technical Staff from Glassdoor

I feel heard at Expedition. My managers take note when I mention a particular direction I want to grow into with my career. They encourage me and present opportunities for me to step up. My coworkers are knowledgeable and working together is pleasant and enriching. The company is a community of people who are curious, ambitious, and have a strong desire to innovate their field. It's inspiring. This atmosphere is a huge motivator for me and is another major reason why I love Expedition so much.

Anonymous Employee from engagement survey

"Every team I worked with at EXP had very smart people that I enjoyed working with. Creativity and independence are encouraged."

Technical Staff from Glassdoor

EXP is a people first organization that values the individuals that make up a great team.

Anonymous Employee from engagement survey

"Everyone has their own skill set, but they are very good at what they do and generous with their time in helping others."

Senior Technical Staff from Indeed

What more could I want in a job? I feel appreciated, heard, and part of a great group of people.

Anonymous Employee from engagement survey

"I love coming to work everyday... The work we do is intellectually satisfying, we get to do it on our own terms, and with a great group of capable, smart, collaborative people."

Technical Staff from Indeed

I get to work on challenging technical problems and have autonomy when crafting solutions. I also enjoy being able to work with a fun team of engineers and business leads/product owners.

Anonymous Employee from engagement survey

"Expedition encourages continual learning, whether it's through education, conferences, journal club presentations..."

Technical Staff from Glassdoor

I have lots of autonomy over how I choose to get my work done. I also enjoy working with technically proficient people.

Anonymous Employee from engagement survey

"We work in teams where everyone has a say in the direction we take, what work should be done, and who should do it."

Technical Staff from Indeed

I enjoy the strong focus on research and coming up with innovative ways to work on new problems. The freedom to learn new things and being encouraged to explore topics from different angles is the strongest factor that keeps me here at Expedition.

Anonymous Employee from engagement survey

"There are always new technical challenges to tackle... I feel that I have a lot of autonomy to research and create solutions to the technical problems we work on."

Senior Technical Staff from Indeed

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