Expedition Technology Receives Phase 3 Data Security Contract from IARPA

Latest Win Continues Multi-Year Effort to Leverage Machine Learning to Protect Secure Information from Compromise in Complex RF Environments

HERNDON, VA, July 10, 2024 – Expedition Technology (EXP), a leader in the development and deployment of novel solutions supporting the defense and intelligence communities, today announced it was awarded a Phase 3 contract, for $4.8M over 12 months, on the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s (IARPA) Securing Compartmented Information with Smart Radio Systems (SCISRS) program. EXP will continue the work it conducted on SCISRS Phases 1 and 2 along with its subcontractors, Purdue University and NorthWest Research Associates (NWRA).

National security missions need to generate, store, use, transmit, and receive information and data in secure facilities and “in the wild.” Confidence in data security remains high for the former, but presents challenges for the latter, where less control exists. The SCISRS program seeks to develop smart radio techniques to automatically detect and characterize radio frequency (RF) anomalies that may indicate a compromise of secure data in complex, “in the wild” RF environments.

Specific types of anomalies include low probability of intercept signals, altered or mimicked signals, and abnormal unintended emissions. In Phases 1 and 2, EXP developed and rigorously tested machine learning-based algorithms on a custom-built, state-of-the-art RF testbed to detect and characterize low probability of intercept, altered, and mimicked signals. In Phase 3, EXP will continue to enhance these algorithms with an additional focus on developing machine learning solutions for detecting anomalous emanations typically emitted unintentionally by electronic devices (e.g., monitors, keyboards), thereby transmitting potentially secure information by mistake and placing missions and lives at risk.

“When it comes to protecting sensitive and secure data from exfiltration, we face unrelenting pressure from our adversaries. We must be perfect in our defense against innumerable threats, while they only require a single breach to achieve success,” said Marc Harlacher, EXP’s President and CEO. “To stay a step ahead, we need highly intelligent solutions that can process and analyze massive amounts of information in near-real-time and learn and adapt with the same dexterity and agility. We are combining our RF and machine learning expertise to help IARPA bring those solutions from concept to reality.”

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