Expedition Technology – Why We’re Different

As President and CEO of Expedition Technology (EXP), I am typically one of the last to speak with people when they interview with us. Prospective new employees tell me how excited they feel about the high caliber of individuals they met, the sincere and passionate way our employees talk about their work, the elements of our culture that we live every day, our organizational approach that emphasizes teamwork and not bureaucracy, the design of our offices, common areas and collaboration spaces, and their interview experience.

I am thrilled, but not surprised, that we make such a favorable impression. Every aspect of our company – what we do, who we are, how we operate – reflects the careful and deliberate consideration of our team. Philosophically, we approach each opportunity to shape our business by considering the lessons that we and others we respect have learned from similar situations. We understand that our imperfect solution must continuously be refined and scaled to achieve its intent in an ever-changing world. Because we do not adhere to a closed-minded “that’s just the way it’s always been done” or “not invented here” mentality, there are many things about EXP that folks find refreshingly unusual. And that’s the point.

A growing economy means fierce competition for the best and the brightest. A competitive salary is table-stakes. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Everyone deserves the opportunity to love what they do, and that’s why we are laser focused on the employee experience. In forthcoming blog posts, I will explain why we’re different. Each post will briefly describe one aspect of who we are and the impact it has on those on our team. I hope to paint a picture of a day in the life at EXP, and encourage you to consider joining our rapidly growing Expedition.