EXP to Present at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Conference

At Expedition Technology (EXP), we encourage our employees to pursue opportunities to engage with the scientific and engineering communities. These include authoring papers for technical journals, writing contributed articles for industry publications, and speaking at conferences and trade shows.

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics that serves over 250,000 people from 183 countries, annually hosts the Defense + Commercial Sensing conference and exhibition.  The event, to be held this year on April 3-7 in Orlando, focuses on sensor research and technologies that enhance capabilities for defense and security applications. Attendees will hear about cutting-edge research and the latest breakthroughs in algorithms, sensors and systems addressing spectral imaging, radar, lidar, infrared, autonomous systems, and more.

To our delight, the conference organizers accepted our abstracts to SPIE, a testament to our ongoing groundbreaking work. We will be delivering talks on two compelling topics in April:

  • Decision Support Using SAR and LiDAR Machine Learning Target Classification and Bayesian Belief Networks – Chris Bogart, Stephen Lam, and Lidia Solorzano will show how EXP’s IC3D and Shadow Compass systems leverage deep representation learning, data fusion, and Bayesian analytics and inference to deliver advanced intelligence and predictive threat assessments to analysts and to feed on-demand sensor re-tasking.
  • Localization-Based Active Learning (LOCAL) for Object Detection in 3D Point Clouds –Cheryl Danner, Aimee Moses, Derek Biega, and Srikanth Jakkampudi will explain how EXP’s novel active learning algorithm, LOCAL, more efficiently than traditional methods identifies the highest-value point clouds for manual labeling, thereby overcoming a critical issue associated with deep learning-based object detection and classification in 3D point clouds and unlocking its benefits for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications.

These presentations exemplify the complex, challenging, innovative work we conduct every day at EXP, as well as the pride we take in our efforts. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about these two topics, along with the research and products we have implemented to make these results possible.

Better yet, come join our team.  We’re hiring!  Don’t just hear about our exploits, live them.  Next year, maybe you will be speaking at this conference about the amazing work you are doing at EXP.