Our Future is Now

From our first days as a company in 2013, we’ve thought about who Expedition Technology would be “down the road.” We strategized about how we would grow, scale, and evolve as a company.

While that process never ends, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings. We continue to execute our plans with great success. Our dreams are becoming reality.

What does that mean for 2022 and beyond? We have begun planning to be a 100-person company, and for all the challenges and opportunities that milestone will create. We must continue to scale our business practices, develop our team, impress our customers, find new ones, and attract the right new people – all while nurturing and preserving the culture that defines us. We have a clear path to becoming a $100 million enterprise. Our skills, capabilities, and expertise are in high demand, and world events remind us of the critically important role we play in preserving our nation’s safety.

How will we achieve this explosive growth? It all starts with our solid foundation of research and development initiatives. Through R&D, we get to be creative, push boundaries, and seek innovative solutions for our customers’ most challenging problems and pressing needs.

Our R&D efforts have allowed us to pair our engineering know-how with next-generation technologies like artificial intelligence/machine learning, cloud-native development, and heterogeneous processors to build unrivaled experience that our customers and prospects recognize and appreciate. The more we do, the smarter we get, the faster we can work to deliver meaningful results, and the stronger our reputation and differentiation from the competition becomes, despite our relatively small size.

Because of our R&D track record, our customers want us to take our work from the lab to the field. In fact, they are actively seeking avenues to help us commercialize. Doing so requires continuous development, creation of platforms and products, and integration with operational customer systems and Programs of Record. We have begun to layer these longer-term, higher-value contract engagements atop our R&D foundation.

Success breeds success. The number, magnitude, and impacts of our continuous development efforts continue to rise. As we execute these programs, we can look for overlap and synergies within and between our customers to align results. That allows us to achieve a compound effect that accelerates our growth by feeding practical outputs back into R&D, as well as other platform and product development opportunities.

As our company grows and our portfolio continues to transition to a mix that includes more product-centric activities, our organization will change. We’ll need to hire people with different skills, like systems engineering, to help us scale and meet not just functional requirements, but performance and operational ones as well. These changes present chances for career development, shaping, and advancement for all EXP employees.

That said, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We will always be true to our mission, core values, and culture of collaboration, flexibility, learning, support, and autonomy. R&D will remain the bedrock of our company, because we must never stop innovating to satisfy our intellectual curiosities, to best support the missions of our customers, and to protect our national security.

2022 promises to be an exciting year at EXP. It’s all really happening, and our future is now. For those already on our team, thank you, and be ready to take full advantage of the opportunities growth brings. For those who aren’t, we’re hiring, and there’s never been a better time to join us!