Nightmare Number Nine!

Another year of life at EXP is in the books. As we look forward to our 10-year anniversary in 2023, we took a break from our creative work on Friday to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. We have a number of annual traditions at EXP: π Day, a chili cookoff, the Advent of Code competition, and (our favorite) the summer interns. This year, we added the Halloween Decoration Contest.

When it was first announced, I naively expected to see a couple scattered jack-o’-lanterns and that one crazy person who over decorates everything. However, I underestimated our team because we apparently have a lot more than one crazy person in the office. Our teammates doubled down on the holiday spirit with webs, bats, skeletons, fog, zombie jars, and even a gangplank. I shouldn’t have been surprised; the creativity required to tackle our customers’ problems attracts the sort of teammates who thrive on a fun competition.

If you’d like to join one of our competitions, watch this space over the next couple weeks to learn how to join us online for Advent of Code. If your creative juices can’t wait that long, come visit! We need people just like you.