The DARPA AI Colloquium and Expedition

Mr. Mattei’s talk on RFMLS at the AI Colloquium

DARPA’s Artificial Intelligence Colloquium (AIC) is taking place this week at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center and aims to “highlight recent research results across the full breadth of DARPA’s investment in advancing the state of the art in AI”. As we’ve noted before, Expedition has been at the forefront of this work, architecting novel deep learning architectures and applying them to both image and signal solutions for our country.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. This week our own Mr. Enrico Mattei, a research scientist at EXP, was requested to to present the summary of the goals of DARPA’s RFMLS program. (UPDATE 26 March 2019: The video of his presentation is now available on YouTube and is embedded above.) RFMLS is aimed at mapping the internet of things with machine learning to improve security through spectrum awareness and emitter identification. Enrico, as the Principal Investigator of our RFMLS effort, is one of only a few non-Government attendees asked to give a talk at the Colloquium. We’re especially proud to have him represent the foundational and novel work the team has been doing on the RFMLS effort.