Oh, The Places We’ve Gone!

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Five short years ago, our four founders made the courageous decision to strike out together on an expedition to create a new company, aimed at bridging the gap between research and product – focused on service to our country, boldly tackling technical problems with innovative algorithms and approaches, and thoughtfully developing a creative and encouraging environment for developers, engineers, and scientists to do their best work.

This month we celebrated that decision together, took stock of the foundational work we have accomplished, appreciated the fantastic employee-owners that have joined together in that vision, and looked forward to the challenging and fulfilling work we will do together from here.

While we were ordered to smile in this photograph , we hope the genuine happiness of the team comes through. The innovative, challenging, and important problems Expedition tackles keep us engaged and help us gather not just good minds, but great people.

And now, if you’ll excuse us, it is time to clean up after this party and get back to making our customers happy. Come visit us before our 10-year anniversary!