Expedition Technology, Inc. Awarded Contract Extension from AFRL to Continue Machine Learning Development

Expedition Technology, Inc. (EXP) announces a $5 million, 30-month contract extension to continue 3D object detection and advanced analytic capability development for the Air Force Research Laboratory in support of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

During the past 2 years under Intelligent Classification in 3D (IC3D) effort, EXP developed a machine learning (ML) based approach for detecting objects in three-dimensional GEOINT point cloud data. Additionally, EXP developed and deployed an updated version of Shadow Compass, a multi-INT analysis tool which allows users to model real-world intelligence problems using a Bayesian math network.

“We are excited to develop and deploy these cutting-edge technologies in support of AFRL’s mission,” EXP President Marc Harlacher remarked. “Our corporate ML capabilities closely align with the goals of this program, and we look forward to continued collaboration with DoD/IC end users during the course of IC3D.”