Expedition Technology, Inc. Awarded DARPA Phase 3 Contract for RF Machine Learning

Expedition Technology, Inc. (EXP) announces a Phase 3 award to continue support to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the Radio Frequency Machine Learning System (RFMLS) program. 

The goal of RFMLS is to develop the foundations for applying modern data-driven Machine Learning (ML) to the RF Spectrum domain. These innovations form the basis of a new wave of Signal Processing technologies to address performance limitations of conventionally designed radio frequency (RF) systems such as radar, signals intelligence, electronic warfare, and communications. 

In 2018, EXP was awarded a prime contract for two RFMLS task areas: 1) Identifying the unique RF fingerprint from a diverse set of wireless devices, and 2) Autonomously characterizing the RF spectrum and identifying anomalies without the need for human decisions. EXP demonstrated state-of-the-art results in both areas through Phases 1 and 2 of RFMLS.  

The Phase 3 effort will focus on demonstrating EXP’s spectrum awareness capability at Trident Spectre 2021. This USSOCOM-sponsored event allows government projects to demo R&D capabilities to show potential benefit to the warfighter. 

Marc Harlacher, President of EXP, says “I’m proud of the cutting-edge work our RFMLS team has performed over the past 2 years. DARPA recognized the need for investment in applying ML to the RF spectrum early on, and together we have developed unique solutions for both RF fingerprinting and spectrum awareness. I look forward to continuing this work and seeing its application to the greater community in Phase 3.”