Making up for 2π

Two years, and an entire lifetime, ago, Expedition Technology held their First Annual Pi Day Competition. At the time, we could not predict the 2020 and 2021 Pi Days would be severely impacted. Our original Pi Day celebration focused on eating pie together and for 15 months that simply wasn’t a reasonable possibility.

As a result, we missed two Pi Day celebrations while we have been keeping distances. As our team is finally coming back to the office, we wondered if there was any way we could make up for the missed 2π…

The past year hasn’t been great for serendipity, so we were a bit thrilled we could compensate with a Tau Day celebration on the 28th of June. Some in the community argue you should set aside your religious attachment to π and turn your attention to the, more fundamental, τ. At EXP, we’re mostly just happy to have another opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, eat pie (double the amount this day) and hold a contest for the best representation of τ.

As always, Expedition is rapidly growing and hiring. Maybe we should celebrate Fibonacci Day this year – it would be great if you could join our celebration then.