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2021 Internships at EXP

Each summer, Expedition Technology welcomes a group of interns who join us for an immersive experience. They receive challenging assignments, contribute meaningfully to exciting and important programs, and gain an appreciation for life at a rapidly growing technology company. Ramya exhibits her artistic talents during competitive Pictionary on Game Night We were especially pleased to […]

2020 Internship Experiences

This summer, we hosted a group of five interns with an array of skills to match the needs of our projects as EXP grows. Their work spanned many areas including web design, Bayesian Pearl belief propagation, generative adversarial networks (GANs) for wireless data, self-supervised machine learning, and more. This blog post focuses on our interns’ experiences in their own words.

The EXP Internship Program

Summer is coming to a close, and this is a tough time for me because our summer interns are leaving us to go back to school. I feel personally invested in our internship program partly because I enjoy working with the interns so much. Their energy, enthusiasm, and desire to learn is energizing, and I’m amazed at the technical […]